My name is Richard Arellano and I offer coding workshops to get our youth excited about technology and their future. As a father, I understand the responsibility of a parent to point their child in the right direction. I believe that the best way to do this is by striking an interest in a productive hobby that can lead to a successful career.        

I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Cal State University of Los Angeles. I also received certification for teaching students how to program in Java while attending Rio Hondo College. I am a professional in Web Hosting and Server Administration. I would like to use the knowledge that I gained throughout my career and in college to help teach our youth how fun it can be to work with technology.

My curriculum is mostly made up of Python applications that we can create on a small single-board computer called a Raspberry Pi. The following video shows a few applications that I created using Python on multiple Raspberry Pis to show that the possibilities really are endless with some creativity: